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Resonance ¡V the Application of Physical science in Qigong

1. Definition: ¡§Resonance is an increase in the oscillatory energy absorbed by a system when the frequency of the oscillations matches the system¡¦s natural frequency of vibration''.Webster's Online Dictionary.
In nature, there is resonance everywhere, to cite a few examples, the resonance in a musical instrument; the resonance produced by the orbiting of some satellite bodies of planets, the; the resonance of ear drums of human being and animals; the circuit of electrical current; the resonance of magnet; the resonance of electrons; the theory of time-space field; telepathic communication and many others.
In human society, running after a trend is a sort of
There can be positive sides of resonance, such as taking part in charities; and there can be a negative sides of resonance, such as flock to a cult, taking drug collectively in a blast. As such the positive sides of resonance should be encouraged to the benefits of human society, while negative sides of resonance should be avoided.
In general, everything has its own pattern of vibrations, and with different magnitude of frequencies, when a specific frequency of this pattern matches a frequency from another pattern, they produced resonance, the frequencies that do
not find a matching frequency will be obsolete.

2. There are positive sides of resonance as a result of
Qigong practice.

¡@(1) a common interest for improving health.
¡@(2) a common goal of spiritual development.
¡@(3) Sharing the same form of Qigong.
¡@(4) attunement by the master frequently.

By Master Shih , 2010-04-14


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