Perception of Qi/energy ¡@¡@Chinese Qigong the Resonance of Wisdom.

1 . The Perception of Qi/energy differs individually
¡@ Everybody seems to have a different perception of the Qi, even before they learn Qigong. Some people though they do not practice Qigong, they are sensible to Qi.The younger people tend to be more sensible to the Qi than the older people.
¡@Usually the people who are more sensible to the Qi would believe the existennce of Qi, and they probably will show more interest in Qigong.
2 . Diversity of Sensations
Sensations of Qi is your feeling of the presence of the subtle life energy in your body, it varies according to the individual. When you practice Qigong ¡A you probably feel one or more of the following mentioned sensations, but hardy all .
¡@(1) Ants crawling:
When the Qi are moving on the surface of your body, you probably have the feeling of ants crawling on your skin, it may be itchy.
¡@(2) Creeping:
When the Qi are passing your muscles or epidermis, you probably have the feeling of something like an earthworm creeping on your body.
¡@(3) Warmth:
When the Qi comes to boost the activities of cells,this would cause the body temperature to raise due to increased activities of cells, the body would then feel kind of warm.
¡@(4) Cool:
When the cells are over excited, the Qi would try to wind down the excitement, the body would feel cool.
¡@(5) Numbness:
When the Qi produce a magnetic field, it will give the feeling of numbness, or better off, as well as a feeling of easiness.
¡@(6) Bloated:
The accumulation of Qi would give the feeling of bloating.
¡@(7) Contraction:
When the Qi is trying to condense itself, the body will feel kind of contraction.
¡@(8) Tingling:
When the good Qi is going to expel some needle like ill Qi, the body will have a tingling sensation.
¡@(9) Pulsation:
When the Qi is vibrating in some part of the body, there is a feeling of pulsation in that particular part of the body.
¡@(10) Current ¡G
When the flowing of Qi creates an electrical field in the body, the body would feel a current a static electricity.
¡@(11) Floating:
When the Qi reduce its weight, the body would feel floating about.
¡@(12) Heaviness:
When the Qi add weights to itself, the body would have a sensation of heaviness.
¡@(13) Pain¡G
When the good Qi is chasing out the acidic ill Qi, the body would feel a pain somewhere.
¡@(14) Lightness:
The increasing of good Qi will make the body feeling a sort of lightness.
¡@(15) Moisturized:
When the Qi penetrates the deeper layer of the skin.
¡@(16) Penetration:
A great amount of Qi penetrating the muscles, and the body would have a sensation of being penetrated by something.
¡@(17) Water current:
A great amount of Qi is flowing in the blood essels and meridiens.
¡@(18) Burning Candle:
When the Qi is clearing out the blockages in the meridiens in the head, the feeling is like the drops of a burning candle moving from the head down to the face.
¡@(19) Warming up of the bones:
When the Qi enters the bone, it could be a sensation of warm and an easiness in the bones.
¡@(20) Shivering ¡G
When different types of Qi gather and produce a resonance in the body, the cells of muscles would be shivering.
¡@(21) Electricity:
When the Qi invigorates the electrons of cells, a number of currents is produced, the currents move rapidly and circulate around each other, clearing the meridiens and bones suddenly, the fast moving currents would make one feels cozy.
¡@(22) Attuned:
When the acupuncture points on the head and shoulders are open, and enabling the good Qi to enter these points simultaneously, the feeling is like being "attuned".
¡@(23) Being Melted ¡G
When all the acupuncture points are open, the body energy merges with the universal energy, the body would feel "melted".
¡@(24) Swinging¡G
When all the ligaments and bones are invigorated by the Qi, the body probably could not help swinging and moving about.
¡@(25) Massage ¡G
When the Qi permeates the vital organs, the body would feel kind of having a massage.
¡@(26) Pumping¡G
¡@When the Qi is capable of contraction and releasing successively, it could be a feeling of pumping going on in the body.

¡@There are still many other descriptions of sensation, when you practice ¡§The Resonance of Wisdom¡¨ Qigong offered by Master Shi, you will learn and experience more about the Qi, his form of Qigong is one to bring about the easiness and healthiness of body, mind, and spirit, and infinite growing.

By Master Shih , 2010-04-09


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